pre-confession:  i wrote this post – like – 2 months ago….

i confess. i have been pouting. ever since the “look” i got from paul (see previous post) i haven’t wanted to write a new post because that post needed (NEEDED!!!) to take it’s place as leader of the posts until i was done – you know – hitting him in the arm – hard.

2nd confession. i played hooky with our 3 youngest boys today. like, for real. we went fishing. urban fishing. mom fishing. i spent most of the time pulling hooks out of trees and saying “boys! talk nice!” and “boys! you want mommy to LIKE fishing don’t you??”.  i ate a pizza lunchable right along with them. now that’s devotion.

3rd confession. after popping in an “all boys lunch” into the oven to honor our all boys day  – chicken nuggets, hot wings, and super pretzels – i thought maybe the grout in between the tile in our kitchen could use some bleach and a toothbrush so i gave it a go. in between “boys! get your feet off the walls!” and “boys! you want mommy to LIKE you don’t you??” i scrubbed my heart out for about 3 minutes before realizing 2 things:

1. this grout is not actually supposed to be black.

2.  i hate scrubbing grout. i will never do it again. voluntarily.

then i threw away the last of the pretzels and jello only to hear a call from the bathroom “mom!!! i not done eating yet…” which leads me to my final confession…..what the 5 year old doesn’t know about his pretzel and jello won’t hurt him.


~ by pandmcox on June 25, 2013.

4 Responses to “Confessions”

  1. i liked your first confession about writing this 2 months ago:) boys day sounds like fun!

  2. You’ve got the same problem the rest of us do – can’t seem to sit down long enough to read anything. I’m posting last year’s stuff, myself, trying to catch up. I actually pulled my first three years’ blogs into a book so I’ve got hard copy. THAT was work. But doing this year – it’d take like three seconds. Congrats on the mission call, by the way – should have emailed you. I got the text but it was in the middle of something hectic and Cam had to take the phone from me and request that people just reply to you, since my phone filled up immediately with well wishers – at twenty cents a pop. Yes, I am stone age and don’t have a text plan. Thumbs are too big – hate doing it. So you had TONS OF LOVE thrown back at you – including me. Still.

    • oh thank you! i read this on my way into the temple this morning! i felt your love and floated across the parking lot with it.
      kiss kiss kiss. oh, by the way! i will be in PROVO to drop that boy off at MTC – wanna do dinner??? rachel too?? paul will be with me 🙂 can we party?

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