YW Manual 1 Lesson 22 and 28

Repentance Handout

*I will be posting lessons every 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Saturday if the handout and lesson are post-worthy. I just wanted to to share in case it helps someone looking for YW handout and lesson ideas.

Lesson 22 and 28 are Repentance and Resisting Sin.  I will teach lesson 28 and then go right into 22.  The handouts are pencil holders made from chicken broth cans (I made tortilla soup for dinner) and cute hobby lobby paper.  The cans have the beginning of a quote from lesson 22 and says “God has a pencil with an eraser on it.”

Lesson Outline:

Resisting Sin (Lesson 28)

Spread confetti on floor only.

Clues: (“Hide” clues (on sticky notes) around room and have girls find them with bare feet.  They will get confetti on the bottom of their feet.  Confetti represents sin, mistakes, etc.)

  1. .       I am a spirit child of Heavenly Father.
  2. .       I am your spirit brother.
  3. .       I was present in the Council in Heaven.
  4. .       I was an angel of God.
  5. .       I spoke with authority in the presence of God.
  6. .       I have been called “Son of the Morning.”
  7. .       I rebelled and rejected Heavenly Father’s plan.
  8. .       Many of my spirit brothers and sisters followed me.
  9. .       I have only a spirit body.
  10. .       I led one-third of the hosts of heaven from the presence of God.

Talk about the reality of Satan.  Talk about the impossibility of walking through this life without making daily mistakes (confetti on our feet).

Tell about my question in temple.  (I was feeling discouraged because of my doubts that I thought was a lack of faith.)

My question was “How long will I doubt? Will I ever stop doubting or questioning?”

My answer “Will Satan ever stop trying?”

Talk about wearing shoes to keep from getting confetti on our feet.  (shoes are prayer, scripture study, etc).

Have the girls put their shoes back on. Throw confetti at girls.

Satan will throw confetti at us even if we have shoes on. Satan and sin may be all over the place,   But so is God.  “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.”   We can “see God” in everything around us.   Even still, confetti (sin and mistakes) will get on us from day to day.  Daily Repentance is the answer.

Repentance (Lesson 22)

Conner White’s hiking experience. (relate the experience from manual or a personal experience involving repentance.)

–       they thought themselves stronger than they actually were

–       they had not prepared for that reason (and others…)

–       power of prayer

–       why did they even pray? (had faith in God, hoped that God would forgive their pride, knew God loved them)

–       they receive their help even though they had gotten themselves into trouble

What was the 1st step in their repentance? (Recognition) How do you think they came to recognize their mistake? (getting hot and thirsty, running out of water, feeling alone….).

Ways to recognize our mistakes:

–       sudden understanding

–       slowly dawning on us

–       knowing from beginning but finally willing to admit it

–       God showing us through scriptures or others


We only recognize our mistakes (or sins) when we are progressing!  We can KNOW that we are on the RIGHT PATH when we SEE how we can improve.

There is a way to remove the confetti every day and every week.  Give girls tape to clean confetti while reading these steps of repentance from manual:

  1. Recognize we have done wrong.
  2. Covenant with the Lord that we will never repeat the sin we have committed and are repenting of. ‘By this ye may know if a man repenteth of his sins—behold, he will confess them and forsake them.’ (D&C 58:43.)
  3. Recommit ourselves to living a better life in all phases of the gospel.
  4. Make restitution for the wrongs we have committed by—
    1. Repenting in prayer to the Lord.
    2. Confessing to our bishop … [if the sin is a major one].
    3. Apologizing to those we have offended.
  5. The depth of our repentance must be as deep as the sin we have committed. There is no easy way. It hurts, but it also cleanses.
  6. Time is the next element of repentance and restitution.
    1. Time to prove to ourselves, to our Lord, to our fellowmen that we have committed ourselves to a new way of life.
    2. Time to study the scriptures and dedicate our lives to the commandments we learn we must live to be happy and have joy.
  7. Complete forgiveness of ourselves and forgiveness without any feelings of retribution toward those who have offended us.
  8. Finally, the greatest of all blessings: the forgiveness of the Lord. We no longer look back with depression and hurt, but forward to the future with hope and joy and love for God, self, and all mankind” (in Conference Report, Oct. 1976, p. 34; or Ensign, Nov. 1976, p. 26).

“God … has a pencil with an eraser on it and he has promised us that he will use it if we will repent and change our ways. … He has said that if we would forsake our evil and thoroughly make up our minds against it, then he would wash it out of his mind and just forget the whole thing. Of course, he expects that we will wash it out of our minds also” (Sterling W. Sill, Making the Most of Yourself [Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1971], p. 93).


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  1. You make me wish I was a Young Woman’s teacher.

  2. Super cute! I work with the Beehives and I’m super boring so I will be checking your updates.



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