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I am a jack of all trades in the homemaking with children department.  I have given birth in a hospital, on a birthing stool, at home in bed, and in a huge soft birthing tub.   Our kids have done public school, charter schools, online schools, and all-out home school.  I have baked and cooked up all kinds of meat-filled, sugar-filled, and butter laden dishes followed up with tofu vegan lasagna and 100% raw vegan squash spaghetti.  Pick a year or two and I can tell you what phase I was in.

I like to try things.  I like to organize things.  Everything has it’s place.  Including each one of my phases.  I put my vegetarian phase in with my early home school phase.  My walking phase goes in with my Weight Watcher phase.  Everything in a box.  Like teaching history and literature and math and science but not having any of those things touch.  Each subject completely apart from the other.  Don’t let the peas touch the mashed potatoes because that’s just gross.

I did learn something once though.  I can’t treat myself like a dinner plate.  I cannot take care of my mind with only a bit of reading and stimulating conversation.  My emotional well being hinges on more than just high doses of B-Vitamins.  My mind, my feelings, and my body are so interconnected there is no telling where one ends and the other begins.  My strength is so much more than muscle mass.  I have learned that being healthy is finding balance.  It is that place where mind, body, and spirit meet and have a pleasant conversation.  They agree. There is harmony.  And there is work.

Energy spent for emotional well being.  Effort put forth to fortify the mind.  Exercise of body and mind for the sake of peace within.  There is no substitute for work.  Work is a true and divine principle.  My work has ranged from willing my body to crawl across the floor to call for help, to running 200 miles across the desert with a relay team of friends on no sleep and little food.  My work is mine.  It is finding the right thing at the right time.

It seems as though this time, yoga is the thing.  With my husband.

My cute man does YOGA with me!  He used to roll his eyes and chuckle softly when I would talk to him about a full yogic breath and centering and sun salutations.  Now he is “Namaste-ing” with the best of em’.  Well.  Kind of.  Instead of touching his head to his shins he is only able to reach in the general direction, but hey, he is taking a certain level of relaxation with him throughout his day.  And that is cool.

So I am thinking that maybe my current yoga phase can touch my running phase which coincides with my walking phase.  Maybe they can cozy up and hold hands.  Maybe they can even get thrown into a bowl together and get all mixed up and combine together so you can’t tell where one ends and the other begins.  I like that idea.  It reminds me of making cookies.  Healthy no sugar no flour cookies of course.  Which I did.  Last night.  I will show you those next time.

But for now, let’s just eat our peas and potatoes together in one bite.  Mind, body, and spirit.  Working together.  Inhale and Stretch to Your Left…….


~ by pandmcox on May 12, 2011.

8 Responses to “Namaste”

  1. I like it! A cool colorful tie dye t-shirt!

  2. Misty, I love you. I love how your brain works. I love how you write. I love peas and potatoes mixed together. I love that your husband will do yoga with you. Enjoy it! (Just don’t ask me to do yoga. Tried it. ugh)

  3. That is awesome! I would love for Richard to join me in doing yoga…heck, I love for him to join me in doing anything! But he does join me weekly for a date, so maybe I just need to change up our activities a little. Hmmmmm….. the wheels are turning.

    • yes. mine too! i have wanted to go to a dance studio with paul for a while. there is a place here called The Dance Doctors. doesn’t that sound grand?? i see a SERIES of date nights….

  4. HA! I thought at the very end you were saying you were going to get all those phases to go BOWLING together. Really. That’s what I thought. Maybe I should cozy up a little closer to my sleeping well phase. If I can find it. Good points, though, even though you left out the bowling. As usual, well said and funny. And you really got Paul to do this? He’s just trying to make up for dragging you away –

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