Kids Love to Play on Old Farm Equipment

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Kindness takes energy.  Being rude is pure laziness.  I decided.  And I have decided not to be lazy.

I took the kids to an old farm village park thing.  We ate and ran around.  The kids played on the old farm equipment.  But only because there is a sign there on both sides of the farm equipment that says, and I quote, “Children love to play on old farm equipment.  Please watch your children carefully.”  So I watched them very carefully as they sat on the old metal seats and pretended all kinds of wonderful pretends.  And then it ended.  Because this guy came up and said we weren’t supposed to play on the equipment.  And I was lazy.

My goal:  Kindness is my new Knee Jerk Reaction.  I have already proven that I am capable of being “direct”.  But directly kind?  That is where it’s at.  And that is where I’ll be.

I am sure I will have lots of opportunities to practice.


~ by pandmcox on November 11, 2010.

16 Responses to “Kids Love to Play on Old Farm Equipment”

  1. Where was this? I am curious to know.

    • tumbleweed park. over at the old farm village place. so you take mcqueen to tumbleweed park drive and go left at the T and then go to the 2nd parking lot. yeah. you will have to go over and check that sign out and maybe let your kids play on that equipment for me. but be nice for me. vicarious work and all that you know 🙂 lol

  2. Interesting that the sign didn’t include “No playing on equipment” or “Stay off”.

  3. So, have you thought about what you could have said or will say if it happens again?
    I’ll bet between you and the kids you could come up with something really good! It’s a good thing to practice kind replies with the kids. I wish I were better at it, too!

    • oh i play it all in my head. the right way. and it sounds so good and wonderful. now. can i get it to come out of my mouth without an extra hour of thought? i am determined to make it so! 🙂

  4. I REALLY need help in this area. I’m hoping that I can stop being lazy and work at my kindness. Course, I’m a very nice person until I take offense at something. Then, depending on my mood, I either vent to my hubs or lash out at the nearest victim. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could just let it go and not poison me?

    • i am right there with ya babe. let’s go on a quest. our destination? smile first. laugh second. talk last. after counting to 10. we will report our findings! 😉

  5. I’m with Chastina. It didn’t say they couldn’t play on it!!

    • Then we are all three in agreement. However. Could I have pointed that out a little more…nicely? It would be nice if I could do that. Because nice is as nice does. Isn’t that nice???

  6. I tend to give a response in the same tone that was given to me. So let’s say the man come out and was a little on the rude side, …I’d probably reply rudely back. If he came out and was nice and polite, ..I’d probably apologize and quickly leave.

    I’m a firm believer in reciprocation!

    Keep havin’ fun!

  7. Umm. So the sign was actually a passive “Keep Off” sign? What, did his wife design it? He could have added a little, “But don’t LET them” on that first sentence and saved everybody a little laziness. People who can’t handle the language and then are all fasched because they haven’t been understood – but then, that’s not what this was supposed to be about. Gracious is a good word.

  8. that sign sounded like an invitation to me. but that they didn’t want to be accountable if someone got hurt.

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