Ankle Weights

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Went walking this morning.  Nothing new there.  I used to think walking was wimpy.  I have since learned the value of good consistent walking.  But walking with weights?  Now there is something to laugh at right?  I mean, who does that?


I am here to tell you that walking with 2.5 pounds strapped to each ankle is not wimpy.  It is like walking through water.  And I was ready to take those babies off when it was all over.  My legs felt like they could sprout wings and fly for a good while after that weight was taken off.  Then, it hit me.  FIVE POUNDS?  That is what five extra pounds feels like.  What about ten?  Or twenty?  No wonder I am so flipping exhausted.  I have all that weight strapped to my body every day.  And it is so heavy.

I went to WalMart later.  Just there for a few items.  In and out.  No problem.  Except I felt like I entered a war zone.  Around every corner a temptation.  Chocolate truffles.  Cheesecake.  Soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies.  Buckets of Red Vines.  All strategically placed.  Everywhere I turned, there they were.  I made it out of there without buying the stuff.  This time.  But what about next time?  It is always there.  Just a step away from the lettuce and bananas.

Still later I was pondering my spiritual weight.  I have been feeling so heavy.  I realized that I am walking through a WalMart every day.  Every other step I am offered something bad for me.  Could come in the form of super cool upbeat music with lyrics that would make God Himself blush.  Super funny movies I would rather die than let my 15 year old watch.  Addicting books with interesting story lines laced with violence, sexuality, and gore.  (I’m lookin’ at you Hunger Games.)  I partake every day.  And I make it through.  I still serve.  I still pray.  I still receive guidance.  But is it enough?  Can I fly?  Or are these weights just too heavy?

I did something today.  I closed the half-read book.  I need to shed some weight.  I am tired of feeling too much gravity in my life.  My heart is tired.  My bones are tired.  My spirit is ready to rest.  I think I’ll go buy some of my own ankle weights though.  Just so I can take them off and fly for a while.

I just won’t fly to WalMart.


~ by pandmcox on September 2, 2010.

20 Responses to “Ankle Weights”

  1. Misty, you have a gift. I’ve often thought you are a good writer, but now I know that it is much more than that. You’ve done more than mastered words and wit, you have a gift to cause thought, introspection and action for good. Thank you for sharing your talents and helping others, like me, to fly higher.

    • i was holding my breath and didn’t realize it until i read this comment this morning. melissa, it is like i have this big thing in my heart and i want to share it and when someone really understands what i am trying to say it is the BIGGEST relief.

      thank you for understanding my heart!!! 🙂

  2. I agree — I hate going to the grocery store. It is very dangerous. I think it is absolute torture.

    You have helped me decide, I don’t want to read Hunger Games. I don’t want to read something that is “disturbing, but you can’t put it down,” as I’ve been told, especially if it weighs you down.

    And, fyi, my aerobics instructor has told me that walking with weights on your legs is very bad for your body — joints, alignment, etc. If you want to add weight, wear it on your core. Don’t know if you would call that good news or bad news.

    Great post!

    • i am glad to have helped you decide. disturbing is a good word for it. but so was the twilight series.

      yes. walking with weights is not a good idea. my mama taught me that. she uses a weight vest. my shins were KILLING me during that walk. that can’t be good.

      🙂 thank you kathy!

  3. Melissa said it better than I. Every time I read your blog I think, “Why can’t I say it like that??” You say it so well.

    I think the same things, I just don’t know how to put them into words like you do. Much to ponder on here girlfriend!

    Thanks for the heads up on the , “Hunger Games”. I’ve heard much about them from adults. How good they are….. etc. Was going to start reading soon. Won’t now, thanks to you.

    Hate Wal-Mart………

    • Well. I read the Hunger Games. And Catching Fire. I was actually in the middle of the last one. Mockingjay. Yeah. I may be a little slow on the uptake, but give me enough time and I just might make the right choice.

      Avoiding Wal Mart is ALWAYS the right choice. 🙂

      Thank you Rach.

  4. You express yourself beautifully! Thanks for the heads up on the book.

  5. Hi Misty! Once again, you are so insightful. I’m going on a diet myself, thank you!

  6. Now I feel guilty. I just ordered the last Hunger Games book.

    • nahhh! different things affect different people different ways at different times! it was timing.

      besides. paul read the last one and told me how it ended this morning. so i still got to know what happened without having to read it. not that i minded reading the first two. you should have seen us running into costco the day the third one came out. we got 2 copies.

      don’t be feeling all guilty. this is just one little thing and i have plenty of other things to work on that you already have down pat!

      smile woman! you rock!

  7. wow that took alot of guts to put mockingjay down. I want to read it (I’m #400 @ the library), but I dont’ like the parts you mentioned. Now I”m with Lyndee. Guilty. Dang twilight too. At least I didn’t see the movies, right?

    • #400? that is just stinking crazy. i’d give you one of my copies if you were closer. i really do think that reading that book had a different effect on me than it would have at a different time. i am just needing a break from it all. weary i guess.

      timing really is everything.

      want me to mail you a copy? 🙂

  8. It isn’t Wal-mart’s fault. There are good things there, too – vitamins and inexpensive but pretty darn good clothes, fabrics, milk and protein. Closing the half read book – now that is something significant; very difficult, but very grown-up. I thought that you and I had had enough talks about this book thing, but I guess we haven’t. Flying is better. Much better. Also not dumbing yourself down is pretty good.

  9. WONDERFUL post, Misty. I love the segue from the weights on your ankles to the extra flab we all carry to that not-so-obvious spiritual weight. Beautifully written, and so wise.

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