Forget Montezuma,…this is MY revenge!!

I hearken back to a time when a certain lady – standing half-naked in the surf, praying that she wasn’t pushed ashore by a wave and exposed as the waters receded – stood panicked, shouting, yelling, demanding assistance. Within minutes her trial was at an end.

Fast forward 3 years — This same woman – icily, heartlessly, mercilessly – scoffs at her husband during a time of hardship. Continues her activity with no thought for her companion. Finishes her activity and leisurely strolls home. And waits. And waits. And waits. And FINALLY thinks, “hmmm. I have never run faster than my husband. Even if he walked he would’ve been here an hour ago. Maybe something is wrong.” But that’s my Misty — quick on the trigger and slow on the uptake. Condemn her helper in her time of need, and then leave him to fend for himself in his.

I’d like to say that I’ve walked away from this with a new found empathy or sense of understanding. But what I really think is — next time the emergencies of life threaten to sink your ship, I hope you’ve brought your own life raft because I’ll be on the beach building sand castles with the kids. And I’ll blog about the view from shore afterward.


~ by pandmcox on August 31, 2010.

14 Responses to “Forget Montezuma,…this is MY revenge!!”

  1. oh my i am truly laughing out loud and all i can say to this is SCORE!

    both you you have the BEST sense of humor ever given out…….. this is wonderful!

  2. Well, there you go Misty…no more bikinis for you! 🙂

  3. all i know is i got the best laugh out of BOTH blogs… Gosh yall are both great at debate. i just dont know who’s side i’m on anymore LOL….

  4. Oh my heck! This is a RIOT!

    Paul, I love the rebuttal.

    Misty & Paul, I love when you do this and both write posts. Two great writers equal one very funny and true to life blog. Thanks for including us…

  5. Go, Paulie. Go Paulie. Don’t let that girl get to you. How about next time, you just don’t TELL her you need to hit the can, huh? I mean, why deliver that kind of material, when you KNOW what kind of tone she strikes in this venue . . .

  6. Haha–you continue to crack me up!

  7. Oh my! I can only imagine what fun you both will have the next time an opportunity arises.

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