Dear Children

We took our Caesar worship to the next level.  We got a dog.  Those of you who have read our best selling book Paul and Misty’s Dog Ownership Disasters – A History will know just how big of a deal this really is for us.  She is half White Shepherd and half Black Lab.  She is 1 1/2 years old.  She is ginormous.  Her bark is low and loud and scary.  Thank goodness she is a sweetheart.

Now I can say we have a houseful of kids and dogs.  Well, just one dog, but she sheds enough for two.  Which brings me to my current situation.  The Battle of the Black Hairs.

I am trying to teach the kids the Second Commandment:  Love thy Canine as Thyself.

Taking this:   I am thirsty, I am hungry, I am bored. And turning it into this:  I wonder if the dog is thirsty or hungry or bored?

Not an easy transition.  The dog doesn’t have a lot of needs really.  Which is nice because Caesar lovers or not, I am not cut out for anything more than the occasional bark when the door bell rings.  She really was made for me.  Except the hair of course.

I just started blogs for each of our children.  I can post messages up for them to read.  The posts go right into their email.  They will each get a copy of this post today.  Here is my message to those who call me Mom:

After the second commandment the third and next most important commandment for the next 10 years of your life (or however long this dog makes it in this crazy house) is this:  Brush and groom thy canine at least 100 times more often than you brush and groom yourselves.  Outside.  Far away from the back door.  Without being asked.


Love you tons!



~ by pandmcox on July 8, 2010.

12 Responses to “Dear Children”

  1. Misty, I’m rolling on the floor laughing so hard. Good luck with your new addition. I think one poor soul will have pity and take on that responsibility. It’s the cleanup that we always have issues with…yard that is. Not fun at all in Alaska and 9months of snow. Nuf said…no more description needed. Ceaser is cute! 1-1/2 years old and trained is a good place to start…puppies are cute but soooo much more work.

    Keep us posted, and hide all shoes from the lab part of him.

    • ah…the poop. well, we have some professional poop scoopers at our house! plus it is dry. really really really dry. did i mention how dry it is? 🙂

      she doesn’t chew!!! can you even believe that? we would not have kept her if she did. she doesn’t touch anything that isn’t hers. it is a miracle.

  2. You are a brave woman. We tried the dog thing one summer. My children were too scared to go in the backyard with him. We found him a better home. I still miss that guy!

  3. I can handle most things but the shedding. That is where I start to freak out!!

    My sister found a brush at PetsMart that she just loves. It’s a shedding brush. She has several golden retrievers and labs. Hair abounds in her house except you would never know. I think she vacummes everyday too. I’m not so diligent but I make my kids do it!!

    Get that brush thing!

  4. I hope your kids read, listen, and do. My kids would read, listen, and ignore.

    We’ve tried dogs three times, large and small, I’m not sure we are cut out for it. I’d love to have a dog if I’d get help with it, but I’m the one who has to do do it all.

    • i am not sure my kids will even read……..

      i am sorry your dog adventures haven’t worked out. maybe you will stumble on the perfect dog someday….it happens! 🙂

  5. I just want to say amen. That’s all. Amen.

  6. YOu know what? For me, a good dog offsets the hair. I DON’T CARE about the hair. I really, honestly don’t. Lyndee will tell you that barking may not be offset by the goodness of the dog, and there are moments of the day – as we try to catch insane puppies who have lost their minds because Kirk is walking his dog down the sidewalk RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE PUPPIES – when I agree. But really? Again, it’s cost vs. value, and the value SO out ways the rest.

    • and i really and truly would not have understood this until now…i am tasting this idea. on the tip of my tongue. i really like her. i just do!! 🙂

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