Cups of Water

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Do you remember the moment you witnessed your super-hot-funny-cool boyfriend’s first flaw?  I do.  He was walking around barefoot and let me tell you…those feet of his are not pretty.  However, this was strangely fabulous.  I had always been insecure about my feet.  His feet made my feet look like super model feet.  And so I agreed to marry him.  But it was the second flaw that I should have watched out for.  Little did I know how the second flaw would affect my life.  Forever….

I was in his mama’s kitchen minding my own business.  Grating cheese.  I have since learned the value in the bag of already grated cheese.  Paul came up behind me and asked me if I planned on having that cheese grated anytime in this decade.  It was at this time that Paul was introduced to my one and only flaw.  Okay.  I will admit.  I have at least two.  This first flaw of mine mixed with his second flaw of his would be the source of many verbal fist fights.  Without a seconds hesitation I threw down the block of cheese and while spitting out something about his doing it I stomped out of the room quite violently.  Taking criticism is not one of my favorite things.  Oh, and I am kind of volatile.  But, see, this post is about HIS flaws…not my two.

I have always known that I am a realist.  Paul is an optimist.  His cup really is half full.  At least that is what his brain tells him.  We realists all know that everyone’s cup is half empty.  Hello?  Of course it is.  It has evaporated.  It used to be full…and over the years the water evaporates.  It is becoming more and more empty.  Therefore the cup is half empty.  It’s Science.  If you do not agree then you are an optimist and are not allowed to comment at the end unless you have seen the light and I have successfully pulled you over to join the enlightened ones.  If not…well, I am so sorry.  Maybe someday you will join Team Realistic.

I have also maintained that Paul has way too many opinions on things he ought not have an opinion on.  A man should not have an opinion on couch color or what food is comin’ out of his wife’s kitchen.  He should be grateful for a couch that does not have 7 loads of laundry heaped onto it and the fact that there is any food at all comin’ out of that kitchen.  Until recently I have not been able to reconcile this discrepancy.  How can a cup half full guy be so gosh darn nit picky?  The answer:  Floaties.

The water in his half full cup of water has a ton of floaties.  Whereas my half empty cup is actually pretty clean.  Or I just can’t see as many floaties.  And so you see, not seeing is so much better than seeing.  At least when it comes to floaties.  And half empty cups.

Just make sure not to hold that cup in the sunlight.



~ by pandmcox on May 3, 2010.

20 Responses to “Cups of Water”

  1. That’s it! Yes! The SM and I had this exact discussion yesterday. He admitted that he is an optimist and not very realistic sometimes but that is what makes him able to go to work everyday where as ME, well, some would call it a pessimist or a worry wart but NO! I’m a realist.

    Phew. I feel so much better. Thank you for enlightening me because quite frankly, I think floaties in a drink are disgusting. So glad I don’t have any in mine.

  2. Bwahahahaha! That is hilarious! Actually us realists are supposedly happier than pessimists or optimists. So I’ll take my clean half empty glass of water and be satisfied.

    • oh, we are so much happier…i mean really…at least we know what to REALLY expect!!! 😉 i like my glass just the way it is also.

      let’s toast….

  3. LOL! Thank you for explaining it to me!

  4. There is so much truth in that post. However, Chris and I are reversed on it. I’m the picky half full girl. Don’t know if I’d call him a realist but he’s definitely not usually the optimistic one. Floaties ARE annoying and I’m getting ready to dump the water in my half-full cup out.

  5. loved this one. i am of course a realist and you know that haha. your dad however is the optimist or should i say UNrealistic????? well that would explain lots 🙂

    • i know why you love it. where do you think i get all my know-how?

      now see…i was trying NOT to use the word unrealistic. i was TRYING to be nice!!! 🙂

  6. Oh, so funny! It’s true literally that I can’t see the floaties and the cup is half full. When I get in used bath water (something I NEVER used to do!) I think how glad I am that I can’t see the water! If you can’t see it, it won’t hurt you!! 🙂

  7. HAHA. Awesome post. I am a realist. And I realized it only at the end of the post… hehe
    Have an awesome day!

  8. So true! Husbands always have the UNrealistic optimism! (Realistic optimism would be fine!) Like, here is a common example in my house- Jared says, “I am goin’ dirt biking! Be back in two hours, just in time for that thing you have planned!” And I am like… “Doesn’t it take you two hours just to drive there and back???” And some how I am the bad guy for being more realistic, and lets face it, much smarter than him!! :O)

    • thank you and thank you and thank you! good to know my husband isn’t the only man with time perception problems! 🙂 gotta love em’.

      good to see you woman!

  9. I am the realist. I understand that in this life, you rarely get to have things the way you want them. that usually, you have to deal with quiet disappointment, and to make happiness out of less than realized dreams. Because of that, I think I am happier- because I don’t expect life to come up to my expectations. Maybe that comes of having been up in stirrups four times? (But you wouldn’t know about that.)

    • I think I am happier too…most of the time. But there is merit to higher than usual expectations…when it comes to all kinds of things…like people and even places. I think there is happiness in both ways of being…just a different kind. But I am still right. Even if I fall off just like I said I would.

  10. I think I’m a realistic optimist. And when I get floaties, I just dump the water out and start over.

    Definitely, men’s opinions should be limited to things outside of the house like:

    I think I should clean the garage.
    I think I should wash my wife’s car.
    I think I should mow the lawn.
    I think I should plant flowers and do the weeding and make sure my wife has a beautiful yard.
    And if they want to have opinions about things inside the house, they should be opinions like:
    I think I should do the dishes.
    I think I should empty the garbage.
    I think I should clean up my mess in the bedroom.
    I think I should rub my wife’s feet.

    Don’t ya think?

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