I can’t tune string instruments.

Did you know that a new C string on a cello is over thirty dollars?  I thought the dang string was defective.  I thought wrong.  I guess trying to tune the C to sound like an A wasn’t the best idea.  You gotta give me a little love though…I played the violin in the 4th grade for about 2 seconds, we do not own a piano, and the electric tuner was an invention I hadn’t yet come in contact with until just last week,  just before I broke that string.  Oops.

Our ‘fine violin’ guy fixed it up for me today.  I watched him tune it.  It took him all of 45 seconds.  I said that he made it look easy.  He said that it was easy.  How’s that for a bedside manner?  Good thing he didn’t become a doctor.  I almost grabbed one of those bows he had lying around to whop him on the head with it.  I’ll show you easy.

“See…this C string should be floppy and the A string should be tense….like you.”

Okay, he didn’t say “like you.”  But I am pretty sure he wanted to.  As much as I try to relax I am just…I’m just an A string, that’s all.  I have to remember while driving not to grip the steering wheel to tightly or my hands start to cramp.  I have to remind myself that it isn’t normal to be ready for a fist fight while getting my hair washed at the Salon.  Thank goodness for the ugly cape thing.  My father-in-law is constantly telling me that they aren’t going to be able to fit me into my casket after I am gone because I will be too tensed up and unworkable.  I guess they will just have to throw me in without the satin and mahogany.  I think ‘fine violin’ guy could feel my energy.  My A energy.

I want to learn to play the cello like you wouldn’t believe.  The sound of that instrument is up there with the sound of the ocean or the wind through palm trees.  I think I am drawn to those things that will keep me from snapping.  I want to be a massage therapist.  I love yoga.  And a hypnosis cd feels like a very expensive healing treatment.  I like to pet cats when they are curled up and purring.

‘Preventative snapping.’

Broken strings don’t sound good.  And I know a broken string when I see one.  Well, at least now I do…since ‘fine violin’ guy showed me.

I think I’ll unwind and save the 30 bucks.  Where’s the cat?


~ by pandmcox on February 2, 2010.

25 Responses to “Unwind”

  1. At LAST!! An explanation for the squealing, screeching, and frequent “poing” of a broken string — it was just my C-string wife thinking she was an “A”. =-)

    Luv you honey — and you are an A! …just not an A-string.

  2. Interesting. I’ve never tried to tune an instrument. I should though. We have a guitar that is in need of some new strings and tuning.
    As for myself…..there are definitely A string days and C string days. I like the feeling of C string days!

    • C string days…..hmmm..I guess I have those too…but over-all…I am an A string having a C string day. Are you a C string having an A string day?

  3. Don’t ya just love it when those musical types look at you like ya had a 3rd eye? Well I’m here to protest as well. There’s a reason we sound uptight – and that’s because they just make it look too darn easy!

    Just reading the music gives me a headache – much less the tuning and practice.

    Speaking of cats – have ya heard a practicing violin, viola or cello?? It’s oddly similar, but with loving ears if your the mother or owner right?

    • LOL…the practicing violin does have that meowing ring to it….LOL…and yeah…the violin guy is lucky i was over my hormone freak out days.

  4. Ha! I love this Misty! I am like Chastina, I have some A days, some C days.
    Today is definitely a C day; there are dishes still in the sink, a pile of laundry yet to fold, and we are having good ol’ Mac & Cheese from the box for dinner. Can you tell Richard is out of town?

  5. The cat..would be over there…….lying on top of……your chocolate. If it were me……I’d smack the cat and go for the chocolate. 😀 Just Kiddin!!! I’m a cat lover too…….if ever we’d be allowed to have a cat……but all of our cats have been too high strung! And so they get booted out the door….which is what will happen to me if I don’t relax now and then and partake of more C days. C for caaaaaalm. Not A for anxietyyyyy.

    C for choooooocolaaaate or caffeinnnnne.

  6. You sound just like your father. here he is sitting by the ocean of the most beautiful waters in this world. can he relax???? not so much. And he hates cats…….. can he come stay with you? haha

    • Now hold on there just a minute. I can relax with certain things you see…I am not ALL my daddy….if he is going to stress anyway he might as well be here with these kids. I could be sitting on that beach RELAXING….it just takes the perfect scenario….and a little under-cooked red wine.

  7. but your dad would argue the point about being an anxious person. he likes being in denial. but point taken….. i am lots more relaxed on a beach in florida than having to raise 6 children. whew i am pretty sure i couldn’t handle that nearly as well as you do.

    • your right, he would. stinker.

      handling and handling well….those are two very different things…..:)

      our baby is being so good today….i just got a shower and he watched pbs…alone! mark this day on your calendar.

  8. Repeat after me: “Ohhhhhhhmmmmmmmm.” Did you know that barometric pressure can actually have an effect on the tone of a string? It can. Oh, it can. Sometimes, too, the neck of an instrument gets a little warped, putting more pressure on the string that it’s actually made for. The difference, my dear, between you and a string, is that a string gets put onto an instrument and tuned, sometimes by an ignorant person who asks it for more than it creative measure. But you – you put yourself there.

    Aha. You pick your instruments. And you do the tuning. Your ear should have told you something about the tension on the string – but you’ve got more than ears to hear your own stretch.

    • and you leave me a comment i have to read 3 times, like poetry, and still i am hoping i get it right. i love you.

      • LOL. It helps when the writer don’t do no mistakes. Like the above should read, “more pressure on the string THAN,” and “more than its creative measure.” If those typos lend a sort of poetic mystic to what I left for you, I suppose I should just take that and run.


  9. I write so Rachel will comment, too. So what happens when you have a Momma A and a Daughter A? Just curious. No special reason or anything. Just wondering.

  10. I am right there with you Misty! I am definitely an A string. I have been told to relax and breath way to much. I don’t want to breath. And why doesn’t anyone else see the issues my way. LOL. A good spa day usually helps. I don’t think I’m ever a C string though. Keep smiling.

  11. You say what each of us feels. I have made a REAL effort this year when driving to stay calmer when driving. After a driver does something that I don’t like, I try telling myself in a chant, “theydidn’thurtme…itdoesn’thurtme.itdoesn’thurtme.” I’ve gone from a D to a C- easily when it comes to this particular mood disorder. By the way, I LOVE THE CELLO! It makes the most beautiful music.

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