Livin’ the Dream

I sat next to a professional golfer on the plane from Portland to Phoenix.  When he told me he was a professional golfer I immediately had Tiger Woods rubbing shoulders with him on the cover of the next Wheaties box.  “There are 416 golf courses in Arizona.” says Mr. Golfer.  “Surely you jest!” says I. 

But, do you know how many frisbee golf courses there are in Arizona?  There are 16.  “Surely you jest!” says you.  I speak the truth, that is all.  And the truth is, I live on one of those golf courses.  The frisbee kind, not the Tiger Woods kind.

Do not underestimate the seriousness of the frisbee course. My friends, today I gained an education on the importance of plaid shorts and wrist wraps.  I live right next to one of those 16 courses and I don’t know what in the world those guys out there at my little park do for a living.  But they are out there, fighting the elements, sweating and walking and golfing.  Imagine with me:

A park full of grown men carrying around backpacks full of frisbees.  They go in groups of two to six or so.  They are athletic and young.  No, seriously, they are.  Most of them anyway.  They are tan, sportin’ the sunglasses, well dressed, and they mean business.  Well, as serious as a group of men yelling “ACE!!!” can be I guess.  They are poised to make the throw.  They have a “stance” and plenty of technique.  They are professional frisbee golfers.  And there are A LOT of them.  Enough to have an association (The PDGA) and tournaments and vocabulary

Words like mandos, preferred flight path, and over-stable.  Believe it baby, then go get your frisbee.  The pretty pink one.



~ by pandmcox on September 30, 2009.

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