High Wire Act

I think I am walking a thin line.  High up; with rocks below. 

Balance of course is key when walking the high wire.  I have always felt that balance is what it is all about.  Yin and Yang.  That sort of thing.  Balancing the stuff that needs attention.

Stuff like diapers and laundry.  The house, the food, the owies.  The shopping, the meeting, the lesson.  The floor, the pantry, the toilet.  The people, the family, the shaving of the legs.  It is all somewhere on that rod we are carrying.  At least it wants to be.

It has come to my attention that making it across takes more than balance.  In fact, I believe that balance is nearly impossible to achieve without this element.  Have you ever tried yoga?  I love the tree pose.  I haven’t done a ton of yoga, but my favorite is definitely the tree pose.  FYI, my least favorite is upside down dog.  That is a stupid pose.  Oh, sorry, focus…right.  Let’s stay on track here shall we?

If I try to do the tree pose without focusing on that spot in the carpet or that smudge on the wall then I will tip right over.  As soon as I focus, really focus….Voila!

I have been doing my darnedest to walk this wire without focus!  No wonder I have been losing my balance.  It is a delicate balance too.  One extra pack meeting and I am plummeting to the jagged rocks below.  Thank Heaven for that safety net.  The safety net and the ladder.

Sometimes I think we don’t realize too that all those things that want to be on that balancing rod we are carrying don’t actually have to be there.  They seem pretty essential.  All of it does really.  There are expectations and ‘requirements’.  There are people counting on us and people who need us.  These are very real and we don’t want to flick these things and people off our rod.  They could fall.  We could fall.

So what can and should stay on our rod?  That is different for each person.  And that sounds like such a cop out.  It is easier to say that than come up with a master list.  There just isn’t a list.  Really there isn’t.  And, what may need to stay on the rod one day may not need to be there the next.

I don’t have the answer to the rod question.  I am just another shnoop up on the wire right along with everybody else.  I have kept everything on the rod on some days and shoved everything off on other days.  Some days I make it across without falling.  Some days I don’t.  Some days I wake up in the net already.

One day I want to glide across.  Or better yet,



~ by pandmcox on September 6, 2009.

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