My husband is “all boy”.  Our house is actually full of boys most people say are “all boy”.  One with a lizard and one with a love for hockey and fire.  There are more of them.  They make me smile.  I have pictures to make us all smile.  Here is my tribute to boys for my biggest boy’s birthday:

Baby Boys.  Need I say more?
And how about this gem:  Yesterday I hear a scream from the bathroom.  It is our oldest daughter.  Over and over again I hear these words, “What??!!  My clothes are soaked in toilet water!”
 The Culprit.
While we are on the subject of baby boys let me just show you the picture I took of this one last night at midnight.  Turns out, he just needed some Cheez-Its.  Took us till 2 to figure that one out. Well, it took Dad until 2 to figure that one out.  Mom was trying healthy snacks….
Let us not forget the old toilet brush and PVC pipe wars.
The one wielding the toilet brush is a brave warrior indeed.  He is, like his dad and all the men before him, “all boy”.  He won’t be kissed.  He won’t be told to eat his peas.  And he won’t say certain words that do not appeal to him.  Such as the word butt.  You can find this word in the scriptures, as we did just last night.  
Dad:  “Adam, repeat after me so you can ‘read’ the scripture.  But behold….”
Adam: ”     “
Dad: “Adam, say, But behold….”
Adam: ”   “
Adam: “I don’t like that word.”
Okay then.

 Plenty of time for Posing.  And Jumping.  And Make Faces. Very important stuff here.
So you see that we have boys.  The man in question, who is after all a very big boy, is very loved and getting very old.  38 years ago he was the baby boy.  Crying, snuggling, smiling, sleeping.  Through the years he did handstands, fought in mighty battle with sticks and bats and plenty of dirt.  He drank from hoses and lit matches and learned to drive like his brothers before him.  Now he is the ultimate older brother.  
He is The Dad.
Happy Birthday Father of Six.  Husband to One.  Brother and Uncle and Son.  Happy Birthday Sweetheart.
We love you.

~ by pandmcox on September 4, 2009.

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