We really shouldn’t stand in the way.  Progress doesn’t like to slow down and getting run over is not my idea of a good time.  I have been pondering the importance of progress lately.  I know a couple of things for sure:  I feel like a crazy woman if I can’t move forward and feeling like a crazy woman is bad for my health.  I think we are made to keep moving.  On something.  Anything really. 

I think the very definition of Hell could be:  The Inability to Progress.  Stuck.  Goin’ nowhere baby.  There is little to compare with that feeling.  It is sitting in traffic with no off ramp in site and no foreseeable movement in the future.  It is having a door close and not being able to find a window.  It is being in labor at an 8 for-freaking-ever with no end in sight.  But somehow we all know there really is a window don’t we? 

The impossible can become possible.  Somehow there is always a window.  We find a way to move.  A way to keep growing and changing and moving.  Sometimes I feel stuck.  Like this “stuck” will be different somehow.  Like this “stuck” really will last forever.  Like I really know what forever is.  And then something happens.  Magic.  A window.  Light.  I am “unstuck” and moving again and reminding myself that “See?  The cars in front of you can’t possibly sit here FOREVER silly!”

I write this so I can read it later, when I am stuck.  I write this as a reminder to me to never give up on the window. 

And besides all that, windows are just prettier than doors. 😉


~ by pandmcox on September 3, 2009.

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