I bought a padlock.  It came with a combination.  I had to practice opening it like…a hundred times before I could bring myself to actually lock my purse up in a locker with it.  I remember that feeling I had each year walking up to my new (really old rusty kicked in) locker hoping against hope that the stupid thing would just open for me.  The combination they gave you didn’t always do the trick.

I think there are some things that resemble locks in my life.  I have it in my hands.  I haven’t been given the combination really.  I just have to figure it out.  “Here, take this lock, and when you finally get it open something will ‘click’ and then, Shazam!”

Good news, I figured out a combination out a couple of days ago.  Let’s get personal shall we?  I have had to lose weight after having babies before.  6 times to be exact.  However, and this is a big however, I have only experienced the ‘click’ only twice before.  This will make 3 times.  If you have experienced the ‘click’ you know what I am talking about.

Before the ‘click’ you are wrestling with that lock.  You try to force it open.  You put the dang thing down for a while and walk away.   You throw it across the room.  You give it to your friends and husband to try and figure out.  How it looks in real life?  Anywhere from 3 minutes to 3 weeks of eating somewhat less than a small hippo would eat and exercising to boot.  But those 3 minutes or 3 weeks are one big fight really.  Fighting to stay away from the Magleby’s chocolate cake…fight fight fight.  So that when you are tired of fighting you find your way back to that cake.  But what happens when you just stumble onto the combination?  I haven’t found a way to just buy the combination yet…but when I do, you will read it here first.

‘Click’.  It just happens.  It is glorious.  A click you can feel and hear and each moment is just another click.  Finally.  18 months after having baby number six.  It clicks.  I actually WANT to run.  I WANT to eat the good stuff and I don’t WANT to eat the yucky stuff.

“Click. Click. And double Click!”


~ by pandmcox on September 2, 2009.

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