I maintain that there are levels of lateness.  After 15 years of marriage I stand strong on that point.  There is a bit late, late, really late, and just stay home.  My man doesn’t agree.  He declares each time he is late, “You can only be late once!”.  This line of reasoning makes it possible to be late and still be relaxed…which is of course beyond my comprehension.  I can’t even be late to things I hate….which is a bummer let me assure you.

We live with and in an existence of levels.  Degrees and standards.  Take standards of living perhaps?  What kind of junk are you willing to put up with?  How much trash is too much?  Does it need to function?  Does it need to look good?  What is important to you??

Some people have a list of things they can’t live without.  Running, reading, friends, hardwood flooring.  The things you love.  The things that make life easier.  Those things will be different for everyone.  But what if you have to live someone else’s standard?  What if you find yourself stuck on a different level?  Yes, it is livable.  We could all survive in Africa if given food and water, but would we want to?  How long would that last before we would all be running to the nearest airport and the nearest Tucano’s?

And then I wonder if there are some people who don’t believe in levels.  People who think that their level is the only level there is to choose from.  It must be like living on the first floor of a skyscraper only to believe you live in a one story with no basement…right along with EVERYBODY ELSE.

Too bad, the view from the roof is amazing.

And by the way, you can only be late once.  But just how late do you really want to be anyway?


~ by pandmcox on September 1, 2009.

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