I Got Your Truth

The Truth is, it was a 40 pound King.

The Truth is, men on the Kenai Are big fat Liars (in the most positive sense of the word). “Nope. Just heading back for lunch,” translates something like this — “I’ve got a 60-pounder in the hold of my boat and we’re going in to grill some salmon steaks.”

The Truth is, there ARE loads of women on the Kenai (many of them date one another).

The Truth is, I wish I had a video of Misty “jumping into action” — that would be one worthy of ‘Funniest Home Videos.’

The Truth is, had her mom and dad been drinking margaritas, they would have ended up all over their own boat AND the 50 boats they encountered along the way.

The Truth is, sophistication has nothing to do with it — a woman working to pull in a 40-pound king is anything but sophisticated.

The Truth is, that river’ll make a Liar out of just about anyone.

(A note from our sponsor: Click the picture for a really nice Alaskan view.)


~ by pandmcox on July 28, 2009.

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