To a Certain Extent

My oldest has a testimony of opposition. Within reason of course.

He gave a talk on agency. He add libbed quite a bit. The talk he gave at home was not the talk he gave at church. Not exactly. At least he did not read his talk. He could not have read it if he had wanted to. It was messy and said things like: Adam and Eve. Mosquitoes. Testimony.

His testimony went something like this: “I know opposition in all things is good. To a certain extent.” See now, I agree. I was just in my neighbors yard. That my friends was way beyond reason. The mosquitoes over there are actually building large mosquito cities. They have freeways and a pretty good public transit system planned.

I grew up in Alaska, (pause for “Really?…. Neat!”), so I know what I am talkin’ about here. I know mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are the opposition. They are winning in one backyard that I know of. I think I even saw my dear neighbor bowing to them the other day.


~ by pandmcox on June 1, 2009.

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