Chief Cat Skinner

Cats. I think that if you gathered all the cats in our neighborhood up you could put them end to end and circle the earth. Twice.

We might start collecting pelts pretty soon. Cat pelts. Except our cat. She is as good as a cat can get actually. She knows her place. Seems impossible, but true nonetheless. She chooses food and warmth over clawing my chair or my baby. Smart cat. The only smart cat I have ever run across. Which brings us back to the pelts.

The more you have displayed in your front yard the higher you get in the neighborhood tribe. We hope to achieve Chief status someday. We will wave our big sharp stick full of pelts and yell at you in guttural tones, beating at our chests. Chief Cox and his squaw, CatSkinner.

No cat loving hate mail please.


~ by pandmcox on March 16, 2009.

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