The APC (Anti-Parenting Community) Strikes Again

In the homeschooling world there is what people affectionately refer to as “unschooling“. I have never had much of an opinion on this method of teaching. That fact should be documented somewhere because I have an opinion on just about everything. I have a new opinion as of last week: Fast food play places are the armpit of dining experiences.

We are out with 3 of our boys. We get hungry. We decide to take ourselves to Carl’s Jr. The play place is for the 4 year old who never gets to go into places like that because we have turned into germaphobes. We do it anyway.

We sit down and try to eat. The food isn’t all that great even in the best of circumstances. Have you ever felt that if there is enough noise you can’t actually taste your food? Try tasting it at the Carl’s Jr. Play Place of Horror and Noise and Screaming.

Seriously, I can take noise. I have six kids, of course I can take it. I don’t even hear most of it anymore. But this was different. This was piercing, echoing, and unrelenting. I am looking around wondering where the parents of this child could be?? I had to leave. I was getting sick.

As I am walking out I look up to see a small girl crying her head off and begging for her mama. That little girl couldn’t be heard over the banshee that kept up his scream-roar. Turns out, that little girls mama never did pry her butt off her chair to take care of her daughter. Even after she found out she kept her seat. Maybe she was stuck. Maybe she was in denial. Maybe she was “unparenting“. We won’t even ponder over what the banshee’s mama was doing.

Maybe next time I get hungry I will just go home and continue unparenting my kids in the privacy of my own four walls. Then again, maybe I won’t. Maybe I will pry my rear off this chair and practice parenting some more so as not to fall into public unparenting practices. And maybe by some miracle I will learn to not have an opinion on everything under the sun. Except for my opinion of fast food play places. That one stays.


~ by pandmcox on March 10, 2009.

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