Everybody Cries at Church

We all know that kids say and do the darnedest things,…so here are a few gems that our second to youngest has come out with:

–While getting dressed for bed on a camping trip (tent camping), he looked around while I was loosely folding his shirt and pants and then says, “..But, where are the drawers?”
–In church after noticing a slight show of emotion from Mom — “Everybody cries at church.”
–After getting out of bed despite a threat that dad would “spank his bum” if he did. He walked downstairs, looks at Mom and says, “Dad said he would spank my bum if I got out of bed.” Dad then asks, “Are you ready for me to spank your bum?” He then nods and turns around expectently.

–At grandma and grandpa’s he was playing with his cousins and declares after asked why he was crying, “I’ve got a baby in my head.”

~ by pandmcox on December 30, 2008.

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