Our First Meeting

I am sitting at a booth in a Village Inn IN Anchorage IN the middle of winter (or was it the beginning? Actually it WAS the beginning of winter — it had to be because I joined the church in December AFTER meeting Paul. Paul, however, had NOTHING to do with my joining the church because he refused to talk to me about the church and didn’t even come to my baptism! (but that is a story for another time….)) with a cup of hot chocolate and some 100 level college book sitting in front of me so that I could at least look like I was there to “study” more than just the cute guys that were hanging around at 11:00 at night.

I look behind me at some point and see Paul. He is sitting there all slumped down in his orange Village Inn booth with a scowl that just screamed, “I’M TOO SEXY FOR THIS JOINT!”. Oh yes folks, you read that exactly right, my sweet husband was Mr. Snobby Pants. I turned back around and rolled my eyes. I honestly don’t think I have ever told him that….oh well, he will just have to read it on my blog.

Skipping ahead two hours, one drive, and absolutely no love lost we are now sledding down some hill behind some building somewhere with nothing but plastic garbage bags around 1am. (Yes my dear children, 1am is much too late to be out I don’t care how old you are!) Now I am looking over at Mr. Snobby Pants and he has transformed into Mr. Goofy Pants, literally. He has pulled his “sled” up around his chest and is walking around like an old man and gumming his lips. You better believe I rolled my eyes again…sorry hon.

Another two hours later back at my dorm (Yes Yes Yes my dear children, 3 am is MUCH to late to have ANYONE at your dorm for ANY REASON WHATSOEVER!!!!) we are all watching a movie. Paul leaves early and I go to bed because the cutest guy there leaves. I mean really, what is there to stay up for? He says he will call later the next day (which is technically the same day but we are talking teenager/young twenties here and the meaning of time is different from the rest of the world) but I didn’t believe him and frankly didn’t care….sorry again hon.

Well, I am sure that everyone reading this knows full well that he did call back. Several times actually. He, at some point, even stopped asking for me AND my roommate and dropped the request down to just me. There is so much more to the story….15 years worth…but this is just the beginning, and beginnings are what it is all about baby!

~ by pandmcox on June 22, 2008.

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